MUGEN by Kushtrim Thaqi

March 19, 2020 / 3:58 pm


It’s the year 2000, the war has just ended; or maybe it has never even begun; it was always the same, confusion in the eyes of others, the surrounding buildings, the air, dogs movements on the streets, children’s dreams and elderly memories flowing at a cool distance. A poet looks at them from afar and is completely in the presence of everyone, even more so than they are, themselves. They walk away from themselves and their memories, he writes them, he stores them in his drawer, like a naive collector who wants nothing to escape.
MUGEN (in Japanese “dream, “infinite”, illusion,) by Kushtrim Thaqi, resets the signification of virtual reality and the ongoing emotional struggle of people around him, but also of the space of contemporary human who lives between his socio-biological being, wherein he wants to be free to dance, and the virtual one, with an overbuilt reality within which he is still not adjusted emotionally, he wonders.

MUGEN projects images of an urban man who creates internal insisting monologue not to forget who he was and where he is heading; posing questions to himself up to the hypothetic awakening from the virtual world which is going to end up in a virtual world again, as an inevitable return towards the future.

I was being lied to.

flesh and bones were nothing but atoms flying and giving shape
to the shapeless infinite empty space
and Nothing was pretending to touch Nothing.
it was all a game, this, I knew.

Kushtrim Thaqi (1989) after a long poetic journey, publishes his first book. The book is written in English, illustrated by Arbenita Tahiri and designed by Berin Hasi.
Published by Kandërr, Prishtina and printed by Prishtina Municipality Assembly.
Sepcial Thanks Leart Zogjani and Adrian Berisha

May you read it beautifully!
Ervina Halili

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